Ofgem Strategy and Decarbonisation - Enterprise Portfolio Management Office

Quipping Ofgem with the governance, process and tools to deliver on its Carbon Net Zero targets and regulatory priorities

What was the challenge? 

At Ofgem, programmes and projects were delivered inconsistently, with some pockets of good practise. Initiatives lacked central oversight and robust control. There was no standardised way of starting, managing or stopping activities which meant programme, project and delivery managers did not follow a consistent approach or share lessons learned. There was also inconsistency on a decision maker level within and between directorates. Decisions that affected the broader organisation were often made in siloes.​

The engagement was complex and needed tight coordination, effective communication and robust stakeholder engagement. Ofgem asked Moorhouse to embed a small project team within the Strategy and Decarbonisation directorate. The team was required to define, develop and deliver the initial launch of an enterprise-wide Portfolio Management Office (ePMO). This included the framework and all supporting processes, tools and templates for portfolio delivery as well as end to end project and programme lifecycle.​

How did we help? 

A paper articulating the proposed ePMO framework was approved by Ofgem’s Executive Committee. Following approval, we established an Investment & Change Committee (ICC) to take an enterprise level view of Ofgem’s financial and delivery performance. The ICC is responsible for approving in-year investment decisions (‘change’) beyond those agreed during corporate budget setting and monitors performance of day-to-day (‘run’) activities. ​

As part of our iterative approach, we mobilised a community of programme and project managers to socialise and refine our draft material. We utilised the working group to provide regular engagement and updates to project and delivery teams, showcase, test and roll out new processes, tools and templates and gather continuous feedback from across the organisation. Specifically, we socialilised the project initiation and lifecycle approach and defined process for categorisation, tier rating and benefits realisation. In terms of reporting, a portfolio delivery cycle and monitoring and reporting framework was also established and refined through various channels of feedback. ​

We drafted key guidance including an internally facing ePMO ‘How to Guide’ and externally facing ‘User Guidance’ document. ​

What was the impact?

The ePMO, supporting framework and suite of processes, tools and templates will help ensure alignment of all on-going projects with the Ofgem’s business strategy and arrangement between resource and priorities. The office serves as a business function that operates across Ofgem’s portfolio of programmes and projects and provide clear a governance framework, defined standards and best practice tools and templates to support programmes and projects in delivery.​

The office operates at a strategic level in collaboration with Ofgem’s ICC and Executive Committee. Timely, accurate and proportionate management information is now reported to both Committees through dashboard reporting on a monthly basis. ​

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