Scaling KYC Processing Capacity Using Data - Tier 1 investment bank

What was the challenge?

A Tier 1 investment bank identified an opportunity to use data more effectively to drive its global Know Your Customer (KYC) programme. The bank was challenged by an inability to unlock insights across multiple, complex and inconsistent datasets. These insights would enable the bank to understand delivery progress fully, proactively forecast delivery and communicate clear management priorities to the global team. 

How did we help?

During an initial review phase, the Moorhouse team assessed the current state delivery metrics and restructured the data landscape by analysing the delivery workflows and agreeing common team delivery statuses. We then derived team key performance indicators from historic delivery data in order to plan out the team workload and build out detailed forecasting and scenario-modelling to support delivery strategy.

Our analysis and upskilling of the data and delivery teams ensured individuals had accountable targets team metrics. In turn, this facilitated effective decision making and introduced a culture of change to the wider team.

What was the impact? 

The team gained an understanding of the delivery workflow which enabled more effective management of programme  metrics. This introduced transparency on progress at both a team and individual level, promoting accountability.  A clear view of bottlenecks and poor performance enabled management to respond on a daily basis to enable quick changes in direction without slowing the pace of delivery. Management decision-making was supported by sophisticated forecasting and scenario-modelling which provided clarity on the steps needed to close-out the program and enabled the doubling of processing capacity. 

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