Sembcorp Energy UK: Decarbonisation strategy and transformation

Defining Sembcorp’s path to Net Zero

What was the challenge? 

Sembcorp Energy UK Limited (SEUK) was created to consolidate Sembcorp’s Energy business in the UK and was the vehicle for the acquisition of the UK Power Reserve Group (‘Flex business’) in 2018. The principal activities of SEUK is the development and operation of flexible power generation sites across the UK, and to provide industrial solutions to its customers, by delivering a range of integrated services at Wilton International in Teesside. ​

The recently revised global strategy needed to be translated into business priorities for the UK and delivered through new transformation initiatives. SEUK also saw the need to re-energise the organisation, increase clarity over roles and responsibilities and promote new combined business culture across the UK, through the harmonisation of its two distinct SEUK business operations. ​

How did we help? 

Moorhouse lead a series of workshops with the Senior Leadership Council (SLC), to enable the SLC to reach collective agreement on how best to define their strategy in a simple and accessible format, translating it into tangible business objectives. Moorhouse then worked with the SLC to consolidate, identify, and prioritise a set of change programmes and projects to deliver in priority order through 2021 and 2022, with associated KPIs for tracking.​

Moorhouse worked to build collective SLC accountability for transformation, underpinned by increased clarity over roles and responsibilities. Moorhouse created an effective programme governance structure for the programme, and supported the initial mobilisation of the Transformation Management Office (TMO). ​

Moorhouse also supported with the UK-wide communications and stakeholder engagement around the delivery of the transformation. This included Leadership Team strategy familiarisation and creating an enduring comms plan including ’launch’ materials for the strategy kick off.​

What was the impact?

The [Strategy and Transformation project] enabled SEUK SLC to develop a new strategy that aligns with the global vision, and industry decarbonisation priorities. Clearly aligning change initiatives to the strategy ensured change did not occur unnecessarily, and by prioritising change, SEUK created a manageable set of initiatives they had the capacity to deliver. ​

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