The Switching Programme: Ofgem and Smart DCC

The Switching Programme: Ensuring consumers can switch energy supplier faster and more efficiently - Ofgem and Smart DCC

We are working with Ofgem to provide assurance across all the Licenced Parties involved in the Switching Programme. We are also supporting our parent organisation, Expleo, on the same programme to deliver the assurance for the core system, working with the DCC and the existing service providers. This provides a joined-up assurance approach across this industry wide change programme.

What is the challenge?

By setting up the ‘Switching Programme’, Ofgem are seeking to improve competition in the energy market by dramatically reducing the time it takes to switch energy supplier. Switching times are currently in the region of 2-3 weeks, and the Switching Programme is aiming to reduce this time to just one day.

In order to achieve this, the switching functionality that currently exists in separate gas and electricity switching services will be replaced with a single Central Switching Service (CSS). Developed over two years, the CSS will not only allow faster switching but also hold and maintain higher quality consumer information. Changes are also required by the ~130 energy suppliers and other licensed parties to ensure their IT systems and business processes are prepared for the go-live. 

How did we help?

Moorhouse are providing assurance of all ~130 licensed parties who are required to make changes as part of the Switching Programme. This involves a significant amount of planning alongside Ofgem to create a milestone-based approach, ensuring that the majority of assurance activities take place in the run-up to key project milestones.  Due to the large number of licensed parties Moorhouse are utilising a self-assessment verified by providing supporting evidence. In the areas of highest risk, we will be also utilising site visits, workshops, interviews and detailed reviews of documentation in order to provide Ofgem with the confidence that they would be ready for go-live. 

What was the impact?

The primary benefit of the LPA assurance is to provide confidence to Ofgem. By understanding risks which could delay or derail the programme, Moorhouse are providing Ofgem with a report before each programme milestone detailing the readiness of Licenced Parties to progress to the next stage of the programme. This will allow the programme coordinators and SRO to make informed decisions based on the percentage of the market that is ready for change, from both a technical and business perspective.  

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