The Great Opportunity

We’ve all heard lots about the Great Attrition; in a post-covid world where more opportunities are around, the world of work has changed. Flexibility is queen and working from home reinforced the need to ensure we work with a clear purpose.

Personally, this time has resulted in a great opportunity within my current employer.

After 5 years with Moorhouse working on People & Change projects, last summer I came up with the idea of joining our internal People & Talent (P&T) team on a 6 month secondment to explore it as an option for my career development. I hoped it would also allow me to bring my people and change expertise and employee lens into the internal workings of the business. We are growing at pace as an organisation and haven’t reviewed some of our key people processes, so I hoped it was a timely opportunity for all!

The Partners were flexible and open to my suggestion and I started in October, working mainly across resourcing and recruitment. The P&T team were really welcoming and open to the additional support and insight.

This has given me a unique opportunity to learn about the operational workings of a HR team. The team have varied roles across resourcing, recruitment, HR advice, learning and development, new policy development, holiday, trialling new approach to inductions, responding to the great place to work survey, and also testing for a new HR system. 

For me, this experience confirmed the genuine people focus in everything we do; doing the right thing for our people manifests in all our HR processes, but also the fact that I was able to step away from client work for 6 months to try something out for my own benefit. Everyone has the opportunity to be a truly valued member of our Moorhouse team.

Full time HR work may be for me but not yet; I am a people person but not sure I can focus on it all the time. I found it really hard to disconnect from the individual impact of the work being done and fully switch off. I am very much looking forward to getting back to the next learning opportunity, helping our clients with their change and workforce challenges.

If you have any questions about life at Moorhouse or the People and Change work we do at Moorhouse please contact me here. The P&T team are also recruiting across various role – please apply here to join a positive, open, supportive and highly skilled team.

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