The Inside Scoop: Andy Hoyal

I joined Moorhouse from a company of over 20,000 people to the then 70 people at Moorhouse in 2017.

The scale shift means that I inevitably know the people I’ve worked with across different projects from previous work which builds strong connections and means we can coach one another more effectively.

The transparency with which Moorhouse operates attracted and keeps me committed to our mission here. Pay is non-negotiable – one salary for every grade. This takes so many potentially toxic elements out of our workforce and helps drive equality through our teams.  Every month the company figures are also shared with the team so we can see how we’re doing against our shared corporate strategy.

Progression at Moorhouse goes beyond a ladder of titles – it’s more personal and reflective. I’ve been exposed to far more responsibility than when I was in a larger firm. Since we operate in smaller teams, you inevitably get much more exposure to the clients, their patients, and the complex issues they face.

This personal approach to career development means there’s no forced distribution of the bell curve – ‘there’s no ‘up and out’ approach, or finite slots for promotion. I can focus on where in the team I perform at my peak and deliver the best value for our healthcare clients.

The intensity of the challenges our clients are facing right now does mean that finding an ideal work life balance can be tough. But together we are always striving to improve on this and build greater resilience into our team, as well as helping build capability with our clients. Everyone has a talent lead in the team, a buddy, someone to flag issues to when they’re tough and shuffle things about. We have several mental health first aiders in the team and continue to grow these and our Employee Assistance Programmes.

Today the scale of the company is closer to 200 people, and part of a global Group – it’s like being in an entirely new company again. This trajectory is set to continue and it’s a unique experience to feel part of that natural growth.

One of the most career-defining moments for me was the work my team and I did to support the transformation of learning disability and autism services across the country. What we achieved there in such a short space of time and in the face of such pressure was a great experience for me, both professionally and personally. I still speak to the people I met there regularly in an informal capacity because I care about how they’re getting on, and have the highest admiration for the work they do. 

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Andy's a management consultant who helps organisations understand and connect with their customers in order to create shared value.

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